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Christina Karagianni

- Passionate about Cooking -

Hello and welcome to my website! I created this blog because I love cooking and I would like to share my recipes and cooking obsession with you!

Here, you will find my favorite recipes which are mainly but not limited to Greek traditional recipes, plenty of Mediterranean cuisine cooking,  and Easy and Healthy meals for everyday cooking.

I was born and raised in Athens which is the capital of Greece. My mother is from the island of Crete and my father is from the island of Simi but they ended up meeting in Athens and thus came to my creation!

Cooking is my passion as it combines all the things I love. Creativity, art, photography, and handcraftsmanship.

If you have any questions or require more clarifications about a recipe don’t hesitate to leave a comment below that recipe and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, for business inquiries or if you just want to say hi you can contact me on my official email or use the contact form below.

Follow me on a culinary journey of tastes, colors, and smells originating cooking from the heart!

Christina Karagianni
Christina Karagianni
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